The process of choosing a financial professional should not be taken lightly. Your financial future is at stake and you deserve an experienced and trustworthy advocate who can provide appropriate education as well as advice.

It’s important for you to choose an advisor whose style matches your preference. The nature of investment-type work is naturally attractive to competitive personality types, and some clients may prefer an advisor who lives closer to the edge. Others prefer a more planned and methodical approach. I recommend that you conduct a comprehensive interview of the person you are considering prior to making a commitment. You need to know and feel comfortable with your advisor, and they need to know you as well. This initial interview should be free of obligation and cost.

The right financial advisor can help a client to feel educated, empowered and confident in their financial direction. The beauty of being an independent financial consultant is that I will strive to provide unbiased advice.

I have alliances with a number of professionals in the community to further enhance the advice provided. Working closely with experts in legal, estate, tax planning, and accounting allows clients to benefit from a variety of professional perspectives in order to address the full spectrum of their financial landscape.

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